Leaders for Life Photos & Survey

Mentors/Coacheskeynote speaker/Dr. Debra Pace

Leaders for Life Conference held on August 3, 2016, at Valencia College, was highly successful with 50 female students (grades 10-12th) attending this event from 8 high schools throughout the Osceola School District. 

Topics included: Leadership skills training, Career choices/Industry trends, Finance, budgets, credit cards, Campus tour, Wellness & Cardio demonstration, Safety awareness at home, school, public events, Dressing for success, Goal setting/vision boards & our mentoring/coaching session with 10 professionals from the community.

Dr. Debra Pace, Superintendent of the Osceola School District was the keynote speaker with Champion Parenting hosting and organizing this event.

In addition to the priceless training the students received, one lucky student, Christina Malhotra, a senior at PATHS HS became the winner of a $1,000 scholarship that was provided by the Foundation of Education, Osceola, and given away as one of the door prizes.

Survey results: 20160923075800788.pdf

Photos from the event: 20160928084100053.pdf