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Champion Parenting, Inc.

Mission Statement: "Building Leaders for Life" 

Champion Parenting,Inc. is a charitable organization (501(c)3), providing training and support to parents and students, through executive/leadership programs, coaching/mentoring in part or entirely over web-based technologies to promote academic success, community involvement, and life-long learning for students 10th-12th.

Vision Statement: Champion Parenting, Inc. has been specifically designed to empower and encourage both parents & students to become successful starting with preschool through college age. This one stop location for parenting & student assistance is ideal for any family related query parents may have and much more. Solutions to current parent challenges are now available on Champion Parenting:Building Leaders For Life Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/champion-parenting-building-leaders-for-life/id1473193110?uo=4

Values: Champion Parenting believes in strengthening the bonds among communities, families, and children through education and training, and sharing this knowledge by direct communication, involvement, and teamwork.

Objectives: This champion style parenting movement will embrace parenting education and involvement as the top priority at our local and state level. Every child deserves a right to succeed and become a productive member of our community. This is the challenge Champion Parenting, Inc. will embrace.

Impact on the community: Champion Parenting believes our programs will provide the necessary opportunities for children to succeed and become leaders for life, helping to build a productive community. (All donations are tax deductible.) 



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