Champion Parenting, Inc.

CHAMPION PARENTING, INC. was organized in 2010, to instruct and provide consultation to parents and leadership training for students.

Children and young adults are under more pressure today in terms of peer competition in school and in their personal lives than ever before. Parents are desperately trying to be “good parents” and are constantly thinking “What will work best for my child?” All parents want their child to succeed in school and in life but often do not know how to go about achieving this goal. The importance of confident parenting cannot be overstated. It is unfortunate that children do not come with a manual at birth for raising children. However, I am here to bring the good news that everyone can learn to become a champion parent.

Champion Parenting's goals are to:

Champion Parenting recognizes:

Challenging times require inspiration, encouragement and confidence to produce positive results. It is our goal that together we can build a winning team that embraces academic success and a brighter future for our children.