Program description

Program Description: The Importance of Coaching in the Lives of Students!

This is an important time for our young men and women to make a positive difference in our families, our community and in our society. For it is our thoughts that determine our growth and ultimately our reality. Students will rise no higher than the thoughts they think. Therefore, we must provide the leadership training to help them become contributing members of our society..

Champion Parenting believes, “If you can think you can grow, you can become!” Our strategy is to not only to teach, but to empower, and encourage students to think big, dream big, and become more through cultivating a champion mindset that rises above one’s circumstances.

"Leaders for Life” provides students (grades 10-12) with leadership training and an action plan to set realistic goals, and achieve them within a set period of time with our continual coaching and mentoring support.  In addition, we offer the same encouragement, resources, and support to parents making it a team effort.

Program includes:

          *(Former students have gone on to prestigious colleges & universities)

To culminate this training, students are challenged to participate in leadership roles in their high school or community that demonstrate taking charge, task organizing, and executing a task. One lucky participant will have an opportunity to win a $1000 scholarship given by The Education Foundation of Osceola along with additional door prizes, a certificate of participation leaving students empowered and equipped to start and complete the new school year with confidence and success.

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